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Maybe, Approximately There are 493 sites in Indonesia or Philippines Treasure. ( NOT FOR SALE – Presentation )

RG 's Associates, Mr Tony Wells's specialized in shipwrecks, Are Welcome to the Southeast Asian Treasure Connection.. the one and only web site that is totally dedicated to treasure, salvage and archaeology events in Southeast Asia. TSEATC hopes to keep you up-to-date with the latest treasure and archaeology discoveries and projects occurring in the Southeast Asia region. This includes the following countries (and surrounding areas); BANGLADESH, BRUNEI, CAMBODIA, CHINA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, MYANMAR, NEW GUINEA, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, TAIWAN, THAILAND, and VIETNAM, etc; Enjoy your outdoor activities.

Choose which want suitable for your operation 3D Metal Detectors or Drone Scanner Detector displays buried objects in a real-world environment.

Now that the advance in the modern technology micro-processor to detect the valuables thing buried the area 1 hector wide, the deepest of 1 meter – 10 meter or more to 50 meters can be detect not more than 15 minute (without strong wind) It can be differentiate whether the treasure is gold, silver or diamond. It won’t affect other metal that is situated round it. Recovery of treasure is possible primarily to those capable of recognizing the possibility of the treasure. 


The Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) represented the Dutch rule in the Dutch East Indies between 1610 and the recognition of the independence of Indonesia in 1945 (almost 3 and half century). Then Indonesia gain it's independence at 1945. For most of the Dutch East Indies history, and that of the VOC before it, Dutch control over these territories was tenuous; only in the early 20th century did Dutch dominance extend to what was to become the boundaries of modern-day Indonesia.