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Maybe, Approximately There are 493 sites in Indonesia or Philippines Treasure. ( NOT FOR SALE – Presentation )

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Choose which want suitable for your operation 3D Metal Detectors or Drone Scanner Detector displays buried objects in a real-world environment.

Now that the advance in the modern technology micro-processor to detect the valuables thing buried the area 1 hector wide, the deepest of 1 meter – 10 meter or more to 50 meters can be detect not more than 15 minute (without strong wind) It can be differentiate whether the treasure is gold, silver or diamond. It won’t affect other metal that is situated round it. Recovery of treasure is possible primarily to those capable of recognizing the possibility of the treasure. 


The Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) represented the Dutch rule in the Dutch East Indies between 1610 and the recognition of the independence of Indonesia in 1945 (almost 3 and half century). Then Indonesia gain it's independence at 1945. For most of the Dutch East Indies history, and that of the VOC before it, Dutch control over these territories was tenuous; only in the early 20th century did Dutch dominance extend to what was to become the boundaries of modern-day Indonesia.

Although Java was under Dutch domination for most of the 350 years of the combined VOC and Dutch East Indies era, many areas remained independent for much of this time including Aceh, Lombok, and Borneo.

Then by the beginning of 20th century, the youth began to realize the meaning of unity, since the colonialist unceasingly carried out the divide et imperia (divide and conquer) politics, which made one group of people hate another group's members. It didn't happen sooner because up until 1901 the local people could not receive Western education. Since then, Indonesian people wished to have their own country which came true in August 17th, 1945. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) had been set up in the early seventeenth century to maximize Dutch trade interests in the Malay archipelago.  By 1700, a colonial pattern was well established; the (VOC) had grown to become a state within a state and the dominant power in the archipelago. Its method of indirect rule was to survive it. After the bankrupt company was liquidated on 1 January 1800, its territorial possessions became the property of the Dutch government.

During WWII, Japan, The invasion and occupation of Indonesia during World War II, brought about the destruction of the colonial state in Indonesia, as the Japanese removed as much of the Dutch state as they could, replacing it with their own regime. A four-year guerrilla war led by nationalists against the Dutch on Java after World War II, along with successful diplomatic maneuverings abroad, helped bring about independence. The Republic of Indonesia, officially proclaimed on August 17th, 1945, gained sovereignty four years later.

After, Locator Gold and Silver. We preview and tested L-8-Z. The signal is to good, specially designed, the electronic with amplifier, in order to get stronger Output. Now this Device will not only "KISSES" a Target. But it will Hit the Gold Nugget or Gold Vein, like a "HAMMER BLOW" ! The whole ideas is to HIT the Target with enough force to make the Gold Vein "TALK" !

World War II treasure, like Japanese or Dutch [VOC] and/or olden days Shipwreck to continue researching additional viable genuine, Malaysia, Indonesia or Philippine World War II Japanese treasure sites or beside Shipwrecks olden days, and to further research for World War II Japanese or Dutch (VOC) treasure sites that have info and need to investigated further, that to during preliminary investigation stages, to determine which ones are accurate, viable, and worthy of recovery and liquidation efforts. Potential treasure sites, and determined to viable treasure projects.

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Some are unknown shipwreck, Japanese, Dutch [VOC] others stories have not published internationally, just local folk know but not with full details. We much go there and find out, before that of course we have some basic information on that of region area. You will find the real and deep stories of those ships, so on. which were lost in every stretch of water and land of the region South East Asia. All of those stories are particular, a large and valuable precious cargo, or else, something very specific which made the event unforgettable by all means. If you have interested in high adventure and the thrill of the hunt and in an operation with a potential huge return on investment, and you meet the afore mentioned criteria, Please sent with a brief overview of your related investment background or telephone, for further discuss, review and consideration.