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So, the story of World War 2 loot in the Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine Islands is no myth. As far back as the late 1920s, Emperor Hirohito realized that a new world war was coming. He foresaw that to defeat the United States would require an extraordinary military force backed by unprecedented financing. He organized a special team to confiscate the wealth of Asia. The project, entrusted solely to the leadership of the Royal Family (in particular to Prince Chichibu, Hirohito's younger brother) This team was code named Kin No Yuri, or Golden Lily. Is there a fortune in gold hidden by the retreating Japanese military somewhere in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia Philippines Sites THIS VIDEO SHOW JUST THE SAMPLE. HOW TO LOOK FOR SIGN AND SYMBOL OF JAPANESE.

Those Japanese Sign and Symbol, can be found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. Massive looting as an extension of war is nothing new. The Japanese were serious, sober, and deliberate when they methodically and systematically looted thirteen Asian Countries during World War 2. They took treasure including precious diamonds and other gems, gold bullion, and solid gold Buddha’s out of every hiding place. Much of this treasure did not make it back to Japan due to a World War 2 naval blockade of the Philippine islands by the United States, and much of this treasure has been recovered and seen recently in underground hiding places in the Philippines.