Regard, Hobby and Adventure. Explore - Search - Travel and Tours, Beside that i can help you to sell your treasure or your gold nuggets. Also gold prospecting and hunt treasure on a share basis for people who have especially good leads. ATTENTION!!! ONLY USE THOSE TOOL AS A MEANS OF HOBBY. THOSE APPLIANCE MUST NOT BE USED TO FIND TREASURE, WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM AUTHORITIES!

Gold Locator

Just the Guide and Info,

This type of instrument can assist us, our search for hot spot. ( Gold and Silver ) The type, I use of gold locator : L-8-Z are useful to support operator to locate the target, is specially calibrated to used for, a fast research and detect for gold and silver targets, natural gold like nuggets or gold veins but also buried objects like jewelry, ornaments, gold and silver bars or statues, rings and/or coins, etc;.... Where hidden treasures can be situated - to explore new or historical areas.
It can be used for a first examination of unknown location to find interesting places of buried treasures, so it is advisable for gold hunters, treasure hunting who have the hobby to explore and research, don't have any clue where to start detecting. The gold seeker can easily and quickly get a general overview about large areas. Like forests, mountain, jungles, riverbed, deserts, etc;

Once you become familiar with your locator gold locator L-8-Z or detector's capabilities – will allow you to identify objects within a matter of minutes. Don’t wasted time digging for trash means more time searching for items of value. Determine what type of treasure you are looking for and what type of tools you need to find it. If you are searching for gold or silver, consider purchasing a gold/silver locator. Research your location, Learn correct your search and recovery methods. Notice : With more practice you can understand the reaction from the equipment, about information that you need. This equipment gives you various information. If you make use of it seriously and practice often.


After, Locator Gold and Silver. We preview and tested L-8-Z. The signal is to good, specially designed, the electronic with amplifier, in order to get stronger Output. Now this Device will not only "KISSES" a Target. But it will Hit the Gold Nugget or Gold Vein, like a "HAMMER BLOW" ! The whole ideas is to HIT the Target with enough force to make the Gold Vein "TALK" !

Notice: I can help you to sell your treasure. Also hunt treasure on a share basis for people who have especially good leads. If you are interest, please write me with details or call me on the treasure you have to sell or want me to assist you locate.

ATTENTION: Raining and Thunder storm are not safe to use the locator.