Regard, Hobby and Adventure. Explore - Search - Travel and Tours, Beside that i can help you to sell your treasure or your gold nuggets. Also gold prospecting and hunt treasure on a share basis for people who have especially good leads. ATTENTION!!! ONLY USE THOSE TOOL AS A MEANS OF HOBBY. THOSE APPLIANCE MUST NOT BE USED TO FIND TREASURE, WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM AUTHORITIES!


This is a tips of those metal detectors as below, may assist you and your find. You can order direct with them. If you need help, maybe i can assist and guide you. 3D metal detector displays buried objects in a real-world environment.

In reality, during the history pirates burying treasure was rare and WW II - hidden in caves, tunnels, bunkers, underground complexes, or just in other forms. Though accounts that the treasure still remains hidden in the ground have lured treasure hunters from around the world for over fifty or century, its existence is dismissed by most experts. Some been found but still  hidden.

Now modern technology - A metal detector is an electronic instrument which can help to detects the presence of  targets. GoldenEye Metal Detector Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe which can be walk over the ground or passby the objects.

NOTE:  Treasure Hunter 3D metal detectors are ready to discover precious metals like gold, silver and ancient bronze objects as well as chests, boxes, hidden rooms, graves and tunnels. While 3D metal detectors perform better when users seeks for bigger treasures that can be buried way deeper and non-metallic objects ( placer gold deposits, chests, caves, tunnels, caverns.. ) that cannot be find by classic metal detectors, but in many cases hide gold or other precious treasures.


Olden days find treasure depend the stories: there was always a lone survivor of a piratical crew who somehow preserved a chart showing where the treasure was buried, but unable to return himself, he transfers the map or information to a friend or family, usually on his deathbed. This person would then go search in vain for the treasure, but not before transferring the legend down to another hapless seeker.