Regard, Hobby and Adventure. Explore - Search - Travel and Tours, Beside that i can help you to sell your treasure or your gold nuggets. Also gold prospecting and hunt treasure on a share basis for people who have especially good leads. ATTENTION!!! ONLY USE THOSE TOOL AS A MEANS OF HOBBY. THOSE APPLIANCE MUST NOT BE USED TO FIND TREASURE, WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM AUTHORITIES!


Just brief Info

In the Philippines the GUIDELINES ON TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES were previously issued by The Office of the President (Malacanang) but since 2004 became Administrative Order No. 2004-33.


After an audited report of expenses has been evaluated and approved by the Oversight Committee, the sharing of the net proceeds shall be as follows;

a) For Treasure Hunting within Public Lands - Seventy five (75) percent to the Government and twenty five (25) percent to the Permit Holder.

b) For Treasure Hunting in Private Lands - Thirty (30) percent to the Government and seventy (70) percent (70) percent to be shared by the Permit Holder and the Landowner.

c) For Shipwrecks/Sunken Vessel Recovery - Fifty (50) percent to the Government and fifty (50) to the Permit Holder.

Treasure Hunting/Survey/Salvage Permit - Officially you can receive this within 30 working days after all documentation is evaluated and approved by the Technical Review Committee.

Upon discovery of valuable items the National Museum shall be called upon to determine whether or not they are considered to have cultural and/or historical value. All treasures found shall be allowed for export only upon approval of the National Heritage Commission and other concerned Government agencies.

As with most SEA countries, no foreign company can work in the Philippines without having a written Joint-Venture Agreement with a local Philippine Partner/Company. All licenses issued in the Philippines are issued in the name of the local company. All documentation is in English.

All foreigners who want to work at the site and actually participate in offshore operations MUST also apply for their Work/Business Visas. This process takes about one week (yes, since they actually take your passport you must be physically there in the Philippines during this process).

The best time to work in the Philippines is from October thru March when the weather is calm and it is NOT monsoon season. However, if you have a large vessel and/or are working in a sheltered and/or protected area you may be able to work even through monsoon season.

For more In-Depth details regarding the LEGAL ASPECTS OF TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES please click on the links below:

Philippine CIVIL CODE Laws and Regulations - these are the early Civil Codes from 1972 through 1983 (vital information for PI land owners/treasure hunters).

Presidential Decree No. 1726-A : GUIDELINES ON TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES (Oct. 1st, 1980).

Memorandum Order No. 389 : Prescribing the Procedures and Guidelines on Application for Permits to Locate, Dig and Excavate Hidden Treasures in Accordance with the Provisions of Presidental Decree No. 1726-A (July 26, 1996).