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Sheet glass, bottles and other debris on an 1850's era Shipwreck in Indonesia

We always on the lookout for more shipwrecks in SEA! If you know of any good shipwreck sites (NOT the WWII steel wrecks. We're only interested in the OLD SPANISH GALLEONS, CHINA JUNKS, etc.)Email us with the minimum info as follows:

1) SEA country name and general shipwreck location.
2) Description of what was found so far on the wreck. If you could send some photos of anything recovered that's a big plus.
3) Description of what remains on the wreck today.
4) Water depth.
5) How did you come to know about this wreck?
6) All your contact info including your Phone number.

If your wreck turns out to be of interest to us, we may want to excavate that someday and you will surely get a good reward for telling us about that.

Are Welcome to submit the details to  Email Click Here.

Brief Info and History
History WWII, During the early years of the Second World War, as the victorious Imperial Japanese forces lead by General Yamashita Tomoyuki swept through much of Asia it is claimed that they were accompanied by teams of specialists who oversaw the systematic plundering of the conquered nations. These teams, collectively known as "Golden Lily" were supervised by the Emperor's brother Prince Yasuhito Chichibu. The loot was supposedly gathered together in the former British stronghold of Singapore before being dispersed to locations throughout the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Stolen Treasures of Asia

massive looting as an extension of war is nothing new. The Japanese were serious, sober, and deliberate when they methodically and systematically looted thirteen Asian Countries during World War 2. They took treasure including precious diamonds and other gems, gold bullion, and solid gold Buddha’s out of every hiding place. Much of this treasure did not make it back to Japan due to a World War 2 naval blockade of the Philippine islands by the United States, and much of this treasure has been recovered and seen recently in underground hiding places in the Philippines. Also Include Malaysia and Indonesia.